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Outside professional world, I am a Level 2 Personal Trainer. I cross-train at least 5 times a week to increase my endurance, strength and flexibility. I enjoy different types of workouts such as boxing, yoga, CrossFit and HIIT.

I'm also an avid runner who loves both road and trail running. I am an England Athletics registered athlete and run with London track club TrackEast in my spare time. 

You can find most of my training logs on Strava and my race results on RunBritain and UltraSignup.

I still have much to learn and I appreciate all helpful tips and advice.

Recent Results

1Mile: 6:00

5KM: 23:20

10KM: 47:24

Half Marathon: 1:42:41

Marathon: 4:17:26

Leona Divide 30K: 10th overall, 3rd female

Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Italyu: 10:22:17

Kodiak Ultra Marathon, CA: 8:20:27


Avalon Benefit 50 Mile/50K, CA, USA 2023

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